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 Suggestions Forum Rules - Read me, now!

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PostSubject: Suggestions Forum Rules - Read me, now!   Wed May 20, 2015 6:06 pm

Here are the rules you must follow if you wish to suggest something for Smash Bros Chaos.

1. Your suggestion must be fitting for Chaos and be awesome

Generally, a Developer will let you know how your idea is going. We don't like to let your ideas rot away here, but if they suck they will be dumped. But if they rock... y'know.

2. For character suggestions, currently only suggest Video Game Characters and those featured on a Nintendo Console atleast once.

Right now i'm exploring the potential of allowing way different characters into Chaos, such as those seen in Playstation All Stars. At this moment the main goal is to get in characters who have originated from a video game console ( this rule isn't set to change ) and those who have appeared on Nintendo consoles.

3. For Stage Ideas...

Simply only suggest stages that relate to a particular series already implemented in Chaos. How will the level look as a Omega/Alpha stage, too.
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Suggestions Forum Rules - Read me, now!
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